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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Sunil Bharti Mittal's son's messaging app Hike shuts down

Hike's goodbye:Sunil Bharti Mittal's son's messaging app Hike shuts down, valued at Rs 10.25 crore in 2016

India's indigenous app Hike is now closed. It has been removed from the App Store. Hike was developed to compete with WhatsApp in India. It also received financial support from Japan's Softbank Group. The Hike app was started by Kevin Bharti, son of Bharti Airtel promoter Sunil Bharti Mittal.

Market value of Rs 10.25 crore in
2016 At the time of funding in 2016, the market value of Hike Messenger startup was around Rs 10259 crore. She then fell behind in the competition. So in the new year it closed.

 Although no official information has been given about the reasons for its closure, it is believed that Hike was not able to compete with WhatsApp as expected. India is the world's largest market for WhatsApp, which is currently in controversy for its privacy policy.

Hike also had financial support from Tencent Holdings Hike also had financial support from Tencent Holdings, a

Chinese WeChat operator. Hike also ventured into other businesses such as frills phones and mobile entertainment, but found no satisfactory success anywhere. This startup has also discontinued Hike Sticker Chat. Hike Messenger has been shut down at a time when protests against WhatsApp are rife around the world.

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Rush is preparing to launch a new gaming product
during the Kevin Mittal said his company would continue to develop a social media app Vibe and Rush will work on a new gaming app called. He wrote in a post, India cannot run its own messenger app. Because the influence of the global network is very strong here.

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