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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

The latest news from the winning students of the Home Learning Quiz

The game has a collection of poems in pairs. ‘Black Hand Black Beard’ has rhymes and ‘Rhymes has sports pairs’. Kansa and Hansa have short stories. Reading ‘Chelaio’ reveals the culmination of hospitality. Let's take a tour of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Africa, Girishikharo etc. in the book series. Description of the temples of Delwada: ‘Look at the Taj in Agra and see the Jain temples in Delwada.

All the temples are made of marble. What a carving! Awesome! Everything is so beautiful, everything is so beautiful that not only are we satisfied, but all this has to be done with a high dock and the dock is in pain. When? Then lie down on the soft cold marble under the dome and sleep comfortably. Take a closer look, then you will see how many, if you want to learn different types of dances, you will get stuck there, elephants and cavalry - elephants and beautiful pictures of horse armies.

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You will see many beautiful events of different kinds of Panful. The idols of God also look extremely impressive. If you look at it for a month, you will see that it is still incomplete to see, such a carving of these temples! By reading 'Gyanvardhak Granthmala', the child gets knowledge of every field. We ourselves have been given beautiful information in poetic language about the structure of the human body and various organs.

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Calling the brain a palace, he composed a poem about the gokhala of the palace: The brain is the palace gokha. Gokhe Gokhe Raja moves. Two gokhas are ratan jadya, its name should be read in full, from there the king sees everything, two gokhas put two conch shells, its name is ear pajan, from there the king fills the sleep

It is said about where some popular sayings came from How to get well in 'Healing', why disease occurs. There is information about what to do to get rid of it. To get well, to take air, to take clean water ... '' From morning to morning 'is about the second, daily routine of the day. ‘Ask’ has a quiz. One question and its answer: Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Himalayan food names.

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