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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

the temperature rose to 5.5 degrees in a single day

Haja thunderous cold:In Junagadh city, the temperature rose to 5.5 degrees in a single day

January 2021 has been so cold in the 4 days of the new year. 1 January 10.3, 2 January 15.0, 3 January 14.2 and 4 January 8.7 degrees cold.

8.7 degrees Celsius in the city and 3.7 degrees Celsius on Girnar Mountains affected life: Extreme cold for next four days

Snowfall in northern India has increased the amount of cold with icy winds blowing from the north and northeast.

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Life in Junagadh city has been affected by the freezing cold. With the increase of 5.5 degrees in just one day, the cold has become like a total cold everywhere.

 Due to the snowfall in North India, the icy winds blowing from the north and northeast are making it feel very cold. Whale mornings and late-night chills have left people shivering. In addition to this, due to the wind blowing all day long, even at noon, the rays of Suryanarayana deity are looking like the dry twigs of the whale morning. As a result, people are experiencing severe cold all day long.

Meanwhile, freezing temperatures of 8.7 degrees Celsius in Junagadh city and 3.7 degrees Celsius on Girnar mountain have affected people's lives. People stay in warm clothes all day long to escape the deadly cold caused by strong winds in the city.

 So the old, the sick, the women stay at home all day with the windows and doors closed. Even the queen cattle do not come out of the dhuva most of the time due to the cold in Girnar. So the birds also stay in the nest.

Thus, the whole public life has been affected by the freezing cold. Meanwhile, the minimum temperature on Sunday was 14.2 degrees. 

While the mercury dropped to 8.7 degrees Celsius on Monday, the cold snap has increased by 5.5 degrees in a single day. 

The maximum temperature was recorded at 25.2 degrees Celsius. Humidity was 75 per cent in the morning and 31 per cent in the afternoon. The wind speed was 5.6 kmph.

Damage to crops due to dew, not
cold. However, rabi crops including wheat, chickpeas, coriander, flax crops like mangoes as well as vegetables will not be damaged.

 But if the dew rains, the moisture content may increase and crops including coriander and cumin may be damaged. - Dhimant Vaghasia, Junagadh Krishi Uni. Rural Season Department.

It will be cold till 8th January. The
city will be cold for another 4 days i.e. till 8th January. It will be between 8 and 10 degrees cold these days. When the weather will be clear as well as non-seasonal rain is not likely.

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