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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Tractor rally uncontrollable in Delhi

Tractor rally uncontrollable in Delhi:86 policemen injured in vandalism and violence, order to deploy more security personnel in Delhi, high alert in Haryana

Farmers in protest of agricultural laws started the tractor parade on January 26 just before the scheduled time. Police set the time and route for the parade from 12 noon to 5 pm on Tuesday. Indus, Tikri and Ghazipur entry points were set up for entry into Delhi. But the farmers broke the barricades at the entry points at 8 am and forced their way into Delhi and started a tractor parade. 86 policemen were injured in the violence that lasted throughout the day.

Home Minister Amit Shah convened a high-level meeting after the violence in Delhi on Tuesday, in which he ordered the deployment of more companies of paramilitary forces in the capital and directed the Delhi Police to crack down on rioters. On the other hand, an emergency cabinet meeting was convened in Haryana following the violence in Delhi. Chief Minister Khattar had ordered the police to remain on high alert and appealed to the farmers to return home.

The farmers' tractor parade derailed and reached the Red Fort. These farmers came from the Indus border. Violent mobs attacked Tehenat policemen with sticks. So the security guards jumped into the valley to save lives. Whose video has also surfaced. 41 policemen were injured in the incident.

The Red Fort, which celebrates Independence Day on August 15 every year, has been occupied by farmers on January 26 this year. A large group of farmers, who had entered Delhi, reached the Red Fort at around 2 pm on Tuesday. A young man ran between Shor-Bakor and Hobala and climbed the pole and hoisted the religious flag Nishan Sahib and the flag of the farmers' organization, where the Prime 

The nuisance lasted for about an hour. The peasant leaders then appealed, and the demonstrators were removed from the ramparts when the army used force.

06/1 and 26/1: A picture like America The picture of the
world's largest democracy in India is looking like the world's oldest democracy. Trump's supporters rallied in the United States on January 6, just as protesters stormed the Red Fort. Thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Hills with weapons. However after a long struggle the army succeeded in getting them out. Four people were killed in the violence.

The red
fort was nowhere in the route that was decided by the farmers who broke the fixed route and proceeded towards the red fort. The farmers who entered Delhi from the Indus border broke the route and proceeded towards the Red Fort. They were supposed to go from Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar to Outer Point, but instead of going that way, they turned towards Lalkilla. They were stopped by some soldiers near Mubarak Chowk, but after a scuffle, the police withdrew and thousands of farmers gathered there. Then each of them entered the Red Fort. Outside the Red Fort, farmers rocked their tractors.

Farmer organizations kahyum political forces of the people, wants to discredit has
been explaining to the police on protesters lalakilla the tricolor flag laheravavo utaravine's not right. But he did not listen to a single word of the farmers. Apart from the tricolors and flags of farmers' organizations, the flags of the Left Party were also seen.

"We know who is trying to create trouble," said Rakesh Tikait, a spokesman for the Indian Farmers' Union, on the violent and violent agitation. These are the political parties that want to discredit the movement.

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