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Friday, 22 January 2021

Wearing a mask is also patriotism

In the world of Corona:"Wearing a mask is also patriotism, we are fighting a war against Covid-19," Biden said.

US President Joe Biden has appealed to people to wear masks once again. Biden said Thursday that caution must be exercised until the vaccination program is completed (file photo).

More than 9.80 crore infected, 20.98 lakh have died, 7.04 crore have been cured in the world so far.
The number of infected people in the United States is more than 2.51 million, with 4.20 million deaths so far

The number of Koro patients in the world has crossed 9.80 crore. More than 70 million people have recovered. More than 20 lakh 98 thousand people have lost their lives so far. This figure is as per New US President Joe Biden has appealed to people to wear masks. According to him, the country is fighting a war against Kovid-19 and currently wearing a mask is also a symbol of patriotism.

on vaccination During a conversation with the media on Thursday, Biden said that as the vaccination program in the country has gained momentum, it is currently the biggest challenge to meet the Covid-19. The bitter truth is that it will take us months to vaccinate civilians.

 Until we complete this work, we will have to take measures to reduce the transition. In the next 99 days we will have to wear a mask. This is the challenge of the next 100 days. This is a kind of patriotism. I have already signed the executive order in this regard. It will now be mandatory to wear a mask on planes, trains or buses. We are in a state of war.

Vaccination in
France to be completed by August The French government has made it clear that all citizens of the country will be vaccinated by August this year. "We are arranging the vaccine," said Health Minister Oliver Werner. The government will take up the matter expeditiously so that no citizen is disturbed. By the end of this month, our goal is to vaccinate 1.3 million people. That number could double by the end of February. As of Thursday, more than 8 million people had been vaccinated in France.

A woman stands outside her home in Paris, the capital of France.

Europe will be more stringent restrictions
in the EU Commissioner in ursala von der linana said, the risk of infection in the EU was not less and restrictions associated with the same due to the border will be more stringent. "We are in a very precarious situation at the moment," he said after a meeting of EU leaders on Thursday. 

That is why the sanctions imposed between the countries should be tightened. I urge countries to maintain rigidity even within the country, so that the level of transition can be curbed.

Vaccination in every country within 100 days
WHO is confident that vaccination will start in every country of the world within the next 100 days. Recently, WHO Director Tedros Adhanom said, "I am confident that all countries will bring transparency in the Covid-19 vaccination. I want to see the vaccination program start in all the countries of the world within the next 100 days.

Corona's position in the top 10 countries affected


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