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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

5 killed in tragic accident on Mumbai-Pune Express Highway

 Shocking news has come from the state of Maharashtra. In which a serious road accident took place on Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, 5 people were killed in this accident. While five people have been seriously injured.  Five people injured in the incident have been admitted for treatment. It is to be mentioned that the incidence of road accidents has been steadily increasing in the country for some time now.

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Constant increase in the incidence of road accidents in the country

According to police, two of the injured have been shifted to Panvel and two others to Manapa Hospital in Vashi, while another has been shifted to a nearby private hospital, while people are losing their precious lives.

You must be very surprised to know this news. And you can see how many accidents are happening in our country. This means that if you are going somewhere, you have to go with caution and an accident can happen anywhere, so be careful and follow the traffic rules which can lead to accidents in our country.

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