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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

6 friends killed while returning from party in Indore

6 friends killed while returning from party in Indore:Full speed car rammed into tanker, someone's hand, someone's head detached from the body, disturbing images

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Every bag of the car was opened but no one was spared

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Six friends have been killed in a road accident in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. They were returning from a party. His full speed car collided with the back of the tanker. The collision was so violent that the step of the dumper was broken and the front and rear seats of the car almost clung to each other.

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Two friends jumped out of their seats and landed on the bonnet. Some of them had their hands and some of their heads were severed. The accident took place at Niranjan Char Rasta at around one o'clock on Monday night. They were coming from Dewas.

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4 died on the spot, 2 friends died at the hospital,
Lasudia police SI Narasimha Pale said, adding that the car was badly damaged. It will have to be cut with a gas cutter to remove the bodies.  Four people died on the spot. Two friends were alive but died during treatment at their hospital.

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Every friend who lost his life is from Indore
1. Rishi (19), 129 Bhagyashree Colony
2. Golu alias Suraj (25), Malviya Nagar
3. Chhotu alias Chandrabhan Raghuvanshi (23), Malviya Nagar
4. Sonu Jat (23), Adarsh ​​Meghdoot Nagar
5 Sumit (30), Bhagyashree Colony
6. Dev (28), 384/3 Malviya Nagar

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