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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Bharuch's Zaghadiya GIDC's UPL company catches fire with huge blast

Fierce fire:Bharuch's Zaghadiya GIDC's UPL company catches fire with huge blast, more than 40 workers injured, 5 workers missing

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The temperature was estimated to be around 1000 degrees at the time of the blast
It felt like an earthquake in an area of ​​20 kilometers
At midnight people rushed out of the house

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More than 40 workers were injured in a massive blast at a UPL company in Bharuch district's Zaghadiya GIDC at midnight on Monday. So 5 workers are missing. The injured have been shifted to hospital for treatment.  The blast shattered windows and doors of homes and offices in the area.

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Zaghadiya GIDC is home to the UPL company which manufactures phosphorus. The company was hit by a horrific blast at around 2.30pm on Monday night while production was going on as usual. The blast shattered glass in houses in villages including Dadheda, Phulwadi and Kapalsadi adjacent to GIDC. In addition, the tremor of the blast was felt as far as Ankleshwar.

People felt like there was an earthquake. Smoke billowed as the fire erupted after the blast. Upon learning of the incident, the fire brigade team reached the spot and carried out rescue operation. The families of the workers working in the company rushed to the company and hospital on learning of the blast.

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You can view this post. In which you can find the information of the terrible fire here, you can see from here that you can see in the video a very terrible fire and people are trapped in it. You need to share this post with people so that people can see this post and get information about this accident in Bharuch.

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