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Friday, 26 February 2021

Bolero burnt on Matanamdh-Dolpatar road, rescue of family

Accident:Bolero burnt on Matanamdh-Dolpatar road, rescue of family

People filled the fire with sand
Fire due to shot circuit in wiring: Firefighter arrived from GMDC an hour and a half later

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Matanamdah: A jeep caught fire near KGB Vidyalaya on Dolatpar Highway on Thursday evening. However, the driver and family of the jeep were rescued. Firefighters arrived late and doused the fire with sand. By then, however, the jeep had caught fire.

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Jeep no. The GJ12BF8291 caught fire due to a shot circuit in the wiring. As soon as the driver was informed, he and his family got out of the jeep. The children were also in the car. The fire caused several queues of vehicles on the highway. Police also rushed to the spot.

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 People reported to Matanamo GMDC firefighters. However, the jeep caught fire by the time the firefighters arrived for an hour and a half. People including Matanamdh Sarpanch Surendrasinh Jadeja rushed to the spot. The firefighters did not come and joined in the firefighting operation.

A truck traveling near Khedoi caught fire. A truck
heading towards Mundra near Khedoi village in Anjar suddenly caught fire . The truck was burnt to ashes. According to the information received in this regard, a truck traveling from Anjar to Mundra suddenly caught fire on Wednesday night between 10-45 pm due to sorting circuit or some other reason.

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 So the truck was parked on the side of the road by the driver of the truck. But the fire was so fierce that it engulfed the entire truck. On the other hand, Anjar police station was contacted in this regard. But no such thing has been reported so far, police said.

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