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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Fast and Furious in Jaipur:The youth ran 50 kilometers in 60 minutes in a car

Fast and Furious in Jaipur:The youth ran 50 kilometers in 60 minutes in a car, breaking the blockade in 6 places; He kept running on the rim if the tire burst

On MD Road, police stopped taxis, tourist buses and other vehicles passing by on the road to stop the car, but the car driver broke the blockade and fled.

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Have you seen the Hollywood movie 'Fast and Furious'? Scenes like this amazing car racing movie were seen on the streets of Jaipur. When police tried to catch the duster, which was running dangerously in the city, the car speeded up and broke the police blockade at 6 places. Meanwhile, the car's tire burst due to a collision with a divider, so he kept running the car with the help of the rim.

The fast and furious car kept running in the city for 1 hour. More than 100 police personnel from 13 police stations failed to apprehend him. He was caught after blocking the road at one point. Meanwhile, the accused's friends in the car fled. Read what the whole incident was ...

Cars run 50 kilometers on city roads in 60 minutes

The car crash began at 1 a.m. Thursday in the city.

Two vehicles collided with the pursuing police

The barricades erected for the blockade on Motidungari Road were blown up

The collision caused a fracture in the leg of a constable on duty at Naka.

The front tire of the car collided with the road divider and burst, but the car did not stop. The iron rim 
kept slipping on the road.

About 100 police personnel from 13 police stations in the city were called to stop the car.

At 2 pm, on MI Road, a car collided with an Alwar MLA's car parked at Khasakothi's circuit house.

The car could not move forward as the road ahead was blocked. After which the police arrested the 
driver of the car.

Romik, who was arrested by the Vidhayakpuri police, said he was horrified because he did not have a license. So he kept running to escape.

Vidhayakpuri police arrested the youth who was driving the car. After which Motidungari police filed a case against him and arrested him. The accused Romik Bhamu (25) is a resident of Alipur in Jhunjhunu district. He works in an online education app company. He was told that he had taken his father's car to Jaipur on Thursday night.The three wanted to go to Nahargarh fort.

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The blockade was broken in the first place due to lack of driving license
. Police had set up a blockade in Harmada area on Jaipur-Sikar highway at 1 pm. The accused said he did not have a driving license, so he broke the blockade and drove away. However, sources said the three people in the car were drunk.

Vishwakarma instructed the police to stop the car after breaking the road blockade at full speed in these areas . Police personnel present at Vishwakarma police station tried to stop the car, but they did not succeed as the speed of the car was high. After which from Sikar Road to Vidyadhar Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Brass Factory, Panipech Chowk, Banipark and reached Jaisingh Highway. From where Ahimsa Circle reached Ashok Nagar from Collector Circle, Khasakothi Chowk.

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After which the car reached Statue Circle, Narayan Singh Circle, Trimurti Circle, Moti Dungri Circle. Ratidaram, a constable of Motidungari police station, was injured when he hit a barricade there. After which the car passed through Gurudwara's curve, Transport Nagar, MI Road and reached the circuit house at around 2 pm. Where the car of the MLA of Alwar was hit. The road ahead was closed so chasing ASI Mukesh Kumar arrested accused Romik.

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See the condition of the car in the pictures

One of the car's tires ruptured after colliding with a divider. Even then, the accused kept running the car for 20 km.

Damaged car parked at Vidhayakpuri police station. Police have registered a case and seized the car.

footage of the incident: Police blocking the car at half past one in the night

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