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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Fatehpura old dumping site catches fire late at night

Fire:Fatehpura old dumping site catches fire late at night, extinguished once but continues to rage

30,000 liters of water was sprayed on the fierce fire
The fire slowly re-ignited due to debris, including plastic

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An old garbage dumping site near Fatehpura in Gandhinagar caught fire last night due to inexplicable reasons. Once the fire was brought under control and the fire department was dispatched, but after a while the team of Gandhinagar fire department came running again and managed to control the fire by running water.

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Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation was the first Pethapur municipality to exist after a fire broke out in a pile of rubbish that had been lying around for years . A dumping site was then set up near Fatehpura for waste disposal by the Pethapur Municipality. But with the rise of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, Pethapur Municipality was merged. 

The dumping site near Fatehpura has since been partially shut down, but the site has been littered with years-old waste. In which a fire broke out last night for some inexplicable reason. When the fire was reported, the Gandhinagar fire brigade rushed to the spot, sprayed water and extinguished the fire.

The fire brigade team managed to douse the fire with a water cannon

The fire brigade team
managed to put out the fire for the second time . However, the fire slowly re-ignited due to debris, including plastic, and took on a monstrous form. So, the fire brigade team was running again and the fire was brought under control by running a water mine.

30 thousand liters of water spraying fire got to overcome

this regard, the Chief Fire Officer, Mahesh Gandhi said in a conversation with the late Divya Bhaskar, was able to overcome 30 thousand liters of water is sprinkled on the fire after five hours of struggle. The fire at the old garbage site would have made it difficult to control the fire if it had spread to the forest area, but the fire brigade personnel were vigilant and stopped the fire from spreading to the forest area.

Divyabhaskar News 

The fire consumed garbage as well as miscellaneous items including treadmills, electric motors and convener belts. While the forest area was also affected by the fire, due to the vigilance of the fire brigade, the fire stopped spreading further in the forest area.

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