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Thursday, 25 February 2021

For the third time this month, the price of unsubsidised LPG cylinders has gone up by Rs 25.

Inflation:For the third time this month, the price of unsubsidised LPG cylinders has gone up by Rs 25.

Oil companies have raised the price of domestic LPG cylinders for the third time this month. Since then, the price of a 14.2-kg unsubsidised LPG cylinder in Delhi has gone up from Rs 769 to Rs 794. The increased price is effective from 25 February 2021. The price of a non-subsidized cylinder has been increased to Rs 25 today.

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Cylinders became more expensive for the third time in
February The price of gas-cylinders has gone up 3 times in the month of February. The government had on February 4 hiked the price of LPG by Rs 25. Then on February 15, the price of a cylinder was 
increased by Rs 50 once again. And now it has been increased for the third time by Rs 25.

price of a gas cylinder has gone up from Rs 594 to Rs 644 on December 1. On January 1, Rs 50 was raised again. Then a cylinder of Rs 644 became Rs 694. After an increase on February 4, the price has gone up from Rs 644 to Rs 719. It rose from Rs 719 to Rs 769 on February 15 and rose by Rs 25 on February 25 to Rs 794 from Rs 769.

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Prices also rose twice in December. In
January, oil marketing companies did not change the price of LPG. However, it was increased by Rs 50-50 twice in December. On the budget day i.e. February 1, the price of 14.2 kg non-subsidized gas-cylinder was not increased, but the price of 19 kg commercial cylinder was increased by Rs 191.

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The government subsidizes 12 gas-cylinders The government subsidizes
12 cylinders at 14.2 kg for each gas-connection in a year. The customer has to pay the price including subsidy on each cylinder. The subsidy money is later credited to the account. If the customer wants to buy more cylinders, he has to buy at market price.

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Oil companies review LPG cylinder prices every month.You will love this news and you can now learn about lpg through this news and also send this price to people. You can pass this information on to people.

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prices are also increasing. The price of petrol-diesel has gone up 15 times so far in February. In Delhi, meanwhile, petrol has gone up by Rs 4.38 and diesel by Rs 4.59. The rate rose 10 times earlier in January. Meanwhile, petrol price has gone up by Rs 2.59 per liter and diesel by Rs 2.61 per liter. If we talk about 2021, petrol has gone up by Rs 7.12 per liter and diesel by Rs 7.45 per liter so far this year.

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