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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Have you seen this VIDEO of Uttarakhand ?:

Have you seen this VIDEO of Uttarakhand ?:Desolation and debris were rising on the dam side in Tapovan, people were fleeing to save lives; Oops ... all tense!

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ITBP has shared a video of an accident that took place on February 7 in Chamoli. The video clearly shows that everything in the river's path has been destroyed after the water level rose. In this video some workers are trying to avoid water and debris on the dam built here, but those people cannot escape.

At the NTPC site, some workers were standing on the bank of the dam, hoping that the devastation of death would not come to them, but suddenly the flow of water and debris would rise towards them. These laborers run from one shore to the other to escape, but they cannot escape. The water dragged them away and they fell into a deep ditch. 

The debris and water penetrated into the NTC tunnel The
debris and water seen in the video have penetrated into the NTPC's 2.5 km long tunnel. Here 39 worker rates are trapped. The rescue operation is still going on for the fourth day. The Army, ITBP, NDRF and SDRF teams have joined the rescue team with full strength. However, only 120 meters of the area has been cleared so far.

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Drones are also being used to check workers in the tunnel.
Some reports from rescue monitoring officers said that drones were used to check NTPC tunnels, but they have not been effective due to lack of space. Another official said the ground in the tunnel was covered with hard mud. Rescue workers are being harassed in these circumstances. Only large machines and vehicles can remove debris.

However, the good thing is that as much debris is being removed from the tunnel, so much debris is coming out itself. After removing 70-80 meters of debris it probably won’t stay here anymore.

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