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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Microscope HD Zoom Camera

 Microscope HD Zoom Camera is an advanced zooming application that lets you see distant objects in low light. You have four different color options for zoom filter effects to find a small object with photo shooting and video recording. You can use this app as a telescope, binoculars, magnifier, ultra zoom, night camera and much more than autofocus flash light even in dark places. With the help of this app, you can adjust the camera manually such as exposure which will help in a dark place.

Best application for extended zoom to get small object clearly like groceries for jars, bottles, small boxes, teapots and more.

With this application you can take a photo of any place far by ultra zooming your mobile. You can zoom a lot through this application. And you can show people that you have a very zoomed evening camera and People are amazed to see it

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Easy to use

Oom zoom scroller

HD photo and video quality

Simple UI

Mp amplifier


Light mode

Of  To focus

light brightness and contrast control

Manual focus and continuous autofocus

Front, rear camera

Photo Came Camera Marrow



Download App

We have not received any information about the user:

1) Having storage permissions that allow to save or read images from the gallery.

2) Camera permission: Required to capture photo and record videos.

3) Audio permission: Video mode is used for audio recording

4) Billing and Internet Permission: This permission is used for in-app purchases.

4 *) which will be on you if you do not want to buy for this application, there is no need for this.


This is not a real night vision camera. All applications use an algorithm with the full potential filters of the phone camera, which produce a night mode effect. And you feel like you can see in a neat vision.

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