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Friday, 26 February 2021

Mukesh Ambani receives threat:The letter from the suspicious vehicle reads

Mukesh Ambani receives threat:The letter from the suspicious vehicle reads: "Mukeshbhai, this is just a trailer, the whole arrangement is done."

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Security has been beefed up outside the Ambani residence.

Mukesh Ambani, the country's richest man, was shocked to find a suspicious vehicle outside his Mumbai residence 'Antilia' the previous day. The case is being investigated after 20 sticks of gelatin were found in the vehicle, along with some other documents. The Maharashtra government has handed over the investigation to the Mumbai Crime Branch, and a case has been registered so far. Attempts are being made to find evidence from CCTV. Also, a letter has been found from this car. In which it is written- 'Mukesh Bhai, this is just a trailer, the whole arrangement is done'

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Police investigations have revealed that the owner of the explosives practiced Antilia's Reiki for a month. Not only that, these people also chased Mukesh Ambani's convoy many times. CCTV footage also showed a man sitting in a car.

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Wrote in the letter- This is a trailer, the whole arrangement has been made.
A letter has also been found in the suspicious vehicle found outside Antilia. According to reports, the letter was typed from a computer. The bag in which the letter was found has Mumbai Indians written on it. The letter said that Mukesh Bhaiya and Nita Bhabhi, this was a bus trailer, all arrangements have been made. Arrangements have been made to fly the family. Stay tuned. Goodnight. However, the police have not officially commented on the letter.

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 These teams from ATS and Mumbai Crime Branch have been given different tasks. During the investigation, 20 number plates were found from the car. There are many numbers that match the vehicles used by Mukesh Ambani's staff. According to police, the number plate suggests that Mukesh Ambani's convoy may have been chased, otherwise it would not be easy to match the car's number.

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Suspicious car parked 200 meters away, 20 sticks of
gelatin found 20 sticks of gelatin were found on Thursday evening from a suspicious SUV about 200 meters from Mukesh's house Antilia. The number of the car was also found wrong during the investigation. According to police, the SUV was parked in Antilia around 1 a.m. Wednesday night. Two vehicles were seen here, including an Innova. The driver of the vehicle was leaving the SUV parked here. Police are now searching for the Innova and its driver.

A case has been registered at the Mumbai Gamdevi police station in connection with a suspicious vehicle found outside Mukesh Ambani's Antilia house. The case has been registered under 286, 465, 473, 506 (2), 120 (B) IPC and u / s 4 of Explosive Substances Act 1908. The Crime Branch as well as the Anti-Terrorism Squad are investigating the case. The Crime Branch is investigating the surrounding CCTV to get information on where the vehicle came from and how it was parked. The case for finding gelatin is serious, which is why a terrorist angle is also being sought.

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What did you find in the car?
According to police, the vehicle found outside Antilia was a Scorpio car. The carriage is believed to have been parked late at night at about one o'clock, with 20 gelatin sticks. A letter was also found inside the vehicle, which is being investigated. The vehicle's registration number matches a vehicle in Mukesh Ambani's security convoy. The Crime Branch is also investigating from this angle. The vehicle is sealed.

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Security was beefed up outside Antilia on Thursday when the car was reportedly found. Dog-squad, bomb-squad was present outside Antilia. Strict security measures have also been put in place outside Antilia on Friday, with vehicles passing by being monitored.

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