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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

News from around the world in pictures: views of frozen Niagara Falls: pandas in restaurants; Remember the old days

News from around the world in pictures:View of the frozen Niagara Falls: Panda J Panda in the restaurant; Remember the old days

Even the Niagara Falls, which connects the US and Canada, cannot withstand the freezing cold.

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Pictures of frozen Niagara

Niagara Falls is a world famous tourist destination.

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Here on a normal day the waterfall remains a spectacular sight. But with the freezing cold, the whole waterfall freezes like a waterfall.

The same panda in the restaurant

Panda Party: Panda Hi Panda in a restaurant

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Restaurants are still closed in Germany due to partial lockdown. The owner of a restaurant in Central Frankfurt, Teva, filled the entire restaurant with panda bears so that his restaurant would not feel empty.

Old is gold

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A collection of new things like memories of the past.

Richard Bro mel, who lives in Dorchester, UK, owns a number of electrical / electronic products, including old-fashioned TVs and radio sets, which he will sell at auction next month at Chatter house Auctions.

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