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Friday, 26 February 2021

Nightshift: Stargazing & Astronomy

You can use this app at night and people can find this app very useful and you can make people aware of this app. You will love the information in this app and people will want to know this information too

Features of Application

* Easy to use

* Simple UI

* Handy zoom scroller

* Brightness and Contrast Control

* HD Photo & Video

* Hue and Saturation Setting

* Hight Quality Buttons

* Auto and Manual Focus

* Flashlight

Features at a glance

Worldwide stargazing conditions and forecast

Sky view and star chart

Celestial event calendar and astronomy highlights

Over 15,000 deep-sky objects

Advanced object visibility prediction for your telescopes

Clear skies and darkness: stargazing weather forecast

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You can find out if you are a fan of any planet in this space through this application. You will get information about the planet in space through this application and you can also see its pictures. You may find this application useful. And if you don't want to use this app, you can give your kids a link to the app and give them this app. You don't have to go anywhere else to download this app.

Planets of the solar system

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With this application you can know about any planet or star. You can pass this information on to the children studying in Tamar School or you can also give this information to the children who are studying in the school. You do not need this application but the children studying in the school may need this application. . This application can be very useful. This app can give your kids information about the planets in space.


Download this application

Over 15,000 deep-sky objects

This app can help you find out about the planets in space at night and show you the stars of the night as well as you can share this post with the app you get from this post and tell people about this app. You may find this application very useful.

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