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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Palliative care frees the patient from the pain of cancer

World Cancer Day:Palliative care frees the patient from the pain of cancer, will also make them realize that nothing has happened after the treatment.

Cancer is generally considered cancerous. But in the 21st century, with so much research being done to cure cancer, cancer can now be defeated. Today is World Cancer Day. On the occasion of this World Cancer Day we are telling you about a care that gives relief to the patient from mental, physical and emotional distress. Talked to Dr. Preeti Sanghvi, an expert in palliative care and tried to find out about this.

The patient can lead a normal life without any pain by taking regular treatment.
Cancer patients have almost no symptoms in the early stages. The patient's body then shows normal symptoms. If the cancer is treated in time, doctors believe that the patient's life span is extended and he can lead a normal life without any pain. Treatment of this cancer is given by examining the patient differently and giving him priority, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy as needed.

Palliative care is a lifeline for cancer patients in an effort to relieve physical, mental and emotional distress . Palliative care is a medical treatment given to a patient suffering from an incurable disease such as cancer, HIV and kidney disease. 

Attempts are made to relieve the patient's physical, mental and emotional distress during this treatment. Now giving this treatment to a cancer patient relieves his pain. According to the specialist doctor, the patient has to go through a lot of pain during this stage in which he sometimes loses his mental balance. At the same time in many cases the patient also loses his life.

If the stage of cancer is elevated, the quality of life improves after this treatment: Dr. Preeti Sanghvi

One patient was in severe pain during treatment but became painless after treatment.
When cancer patients find out they have cancer, they break down mentally, says expert Dr. Preeti Sanghvi said. And to alleviate physical pain. If the cancer stage is advanced, the quality of life improves after this treatment.

The patient's relatives are also given guidance on how to get relief from the disease till the last moment. We are currently treating a patient who was in excruciating pain. But after the treatment, he feels that nothing has happened, although the patient has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

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Palliative care centers available at different places in the state Dr. Preeti further says that GCRI (Gujarat Cancer Research Institute) provides the most treatment for this palliative care, there are palliative care centers at different places in the state. 

But there are some treatments like narcotics available here. Patients who go through all these stages have a lot of problems but I appeal to all my patients to quit tobacco and save lives, because we are diagnosing many patients here but we are also very sad to see their pain so people avoid addiction. There is goodness.

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