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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Police stop 15 opposition leaders in Ghazipur

Farmer Movement LIVE:Police stop 15 opposition leaders in Ghazipur, US praises new agricultural laws

The farmer leader said- now we will not talk to the ministers, the Prime Minister and the Home Minister will come forward

Today is the 71st day of the ongoing peasant movement against agricultural laws but no solution seems likely yet. Farmers, who were adamant on repealing the law, held a mahapanchayat in Kandela village in Haryana's Jind district on Wednesday. In it, Indian Farmers Union spokesperson Rakesh Tikait said he would no longer hold talks with the agriculture minister or any other leader. Now the Prime Minister or the Home Minister has to come forward for a conversation.

When a king is afraid, the castle is closed. The same thing is happening now. What has been fortified on the border is not even done for the enemy. But farmers will not be afraid. Farmers will sleep on it and other farmers will cross it.


The government has also refused to reduce the number of members of the farmers' committee for internal dialogue. Horses do not change between fights, he said. The members of the committee will remain the same.

5 proposals were passed in Khap Panchayat in Kandela

All three central agricultural laws are repealed

The law is determined in the Minimum Support Value (MSP)

Swaminathan's report should be applied

Farmers' debt is forgiven

The captured farmers should be released on January 26 and the seized tractors should be returned. 
Registered cases are withdrawn

Kejriwal demands return of 576 buses from Delhi Police The
Kejriwal government has ordered immediate return of 576 DTC buses sent for Delhi Police duty. These buses are kept for the army to come and go in the peasant movement. The Delhi Transport Department has also directed the DTC not to provide buses to the Delhi Police without the approval of the Delhi government.

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Celebs on farmers
Many celebs have come forward in the last 24 hours in support of the peasant movement. Climate activist Gretha Thunberg wrote on social media that she is with the peasant movement in India. As pop singer Rihanna writes, why don't we discuss the peasant movement.

 Indian celebs have also hit back. Replying to Rihanna, Kangana Ranaut wrote, "Sit down, you idiot, we don't sell our country like your people." No one is talking about this issue because the people who are spreading violence are terrorists, not farmers.

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