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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Snow emergency declared in 20 US states News from around the world in pictures

News from around the world in pictures:Snow emergency declared in 20 US states, floods in France: 4-year-old girl finds footprints of 220 million-year-old dinosaurs

The biggest blizzard in America in 10 years hit 'Orleana'. There was heavy snowfall in about 20 states.

 The heaviest snow fell in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

This is a picture of Times Square New York, where a blanket of ice is spread. A two-foot sheet was spread over residential areas and roads here. Because of this a Winter Emergency was declared.

There is a picture of Capitol Hill, Washington, where Tehenat soldiers are patrolling for security in a snowy environment. More than 10 inches of snow fell in Washington and Boston. The snowfall caused more than 400 road accidents, local media reported. More than 300 vehicles were stranded on the roads.

Snow removal workers in Pilsen, Chicago. More than 1,000 flights were canceled in the United States due to bad weather. The New York Airport Authority canceled 81 percent of flights. Because of this many passengers are stranded at the airport. The meteorological department said the storm could cause heavy snowfall on Tuesday.

Floods wreak havoc in France

Many French cities have been hit by heavy rains. It is raining continuously in many parts of the south-west. About 2 lakh people have been affected. An old man has died due to floods. The weather agency has also issued an Orange Alert. Rainfall may continue, which may increase the range of flooding.

The little doll was spotted with dinosaur footprints

Dinosaur footprints 220 million years old have been found off the coast of Wales, Britain. It was first seen by a 4-year-old girl named Lily Wilder. Scientists believe that these footprints will help to understand how dinosaurs walked. "We called the experts if Lily told us about it," said Sally Wilder, Lily's mother. They came and started research. '

Shivling shaped temple

A magnificent temple of Lord Shiva is under construction in Nagaon, Assam. The specialty of this temple is that it is being built in the shape of a Shivling.

Divyabhaskar News 

A killer cold snap in an icy atmosphere in Srinagar

Heavy snowfall in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir on Monday caused a blanket of snow to fall on the road. Pedestrians and motorists had to cross the snow-covered road. Heavy snowfall has turned the tide of killer cold in Kashmir Valley again.

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