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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

The girlfriend was pushed by the boyfriend in a moving train refusing to marry

Maharashtra:The girlfriend was pushed by the boyfriend in a moving train refusing to marry, police arrested the accused

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At the Khar railway station in Maharashtra, a disgruntled boyfriend pushed his girlfriend towards a moving train. The whole incident was captured on CCTV cameras on the railway platform. The girl sustained head injuries in the incident and was rushed to hospital. Seeing this move of the young man, his mother ran away from there. Importantly, the young man and the young woman fell in love in a company two years ago. The young woman left him because the young man was drinking. Police have registered a complaint and arrested accused Sumedh Jadhav and taken further action.

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You can see Ahiya Aaj Nu Otle or 2021 Love. You can see how the girl's boyfriend is trying to push her into the running train by not falling for his girlfriend's wedding. You can learn a lot through this video and this post and people will understand.

You will be amazed after watching this video why a love can do this to his girlfriend ?? However, you can enjoy such scenes here. Where you get to learn very big Sikh. You can share this post with people and show it to people. Bringing the information of this post to the people will help you to understand the good people

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