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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

The inventor of the printing press was identified by the printing of the Bible

Today in History:The inventor of the printing press was identified by the printing of the Bible.

Today is Johannes Gutenberg's birthday. Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1439. It was a movable type printing machine. He printed the Bible with the world's first printing machine. This Bible is still known today as the Gutenberg Bible. Printing with this movable printing machine was done by carving the letters in blocks.

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Gutenberg's printing machine, born in 1398 in the German city of Mainz, was said to have used metal blocks for printing wood. It was easy to print on any paper with this machine. This printing machine could print more than 1 thousand pages per day. This earlier printing technique could only print 40 to 50 pages a day.

The invention of this printing machine revolutionized the field of education. The book started printing. The reason was the middle class of Europe, who started reading books. Gutenberg's printing machine was the first to print a poem in German. A Latin grammar book was also printed, although Gutenberg Press received it after the Bible was printed.

With this came the printing of the Bible in large numbers. It was delivered to churches outside Europe. Before this the Bible was very rare. It took the pastor a year to write it by hand, although Gutenberg printed 200 Bibles in less time. The first Bible printed by Gutenberg in a printing press was sold for 30 florins (then German currency).

It was cheaper than a handwritten Bible at the time. Today more than 21 Gutenberg Bibles are available. Today it is worth more than 30 30 million. He died on this day, February 3, 1468.

In the year 1954, 800 devotees were killed in a stampede to get Kumbh.
67 years ago today, Kumbh Mela was organized at Sangam Ghat in Prayagraj (Allahabad). This was the first Aquarius after independence. Millions of people were involved at the time. Many people were killed in the 1954 Aquarius stampede.

Several reasons behind this tragedy have been pointed out. The area of ​​Kumbh Mela was very small. There were also very few molds for bathing people. The stampede was caused by overcrowding. It is also said that an elephant was spotted at the Kumbh Mela, causing a stampede. Elephants were banned at the Kumbh Mela after the incident.

Divyabhaskar News

The important event of February 3 in India and in the world is as follows:

2018: On this day, India's under-19 team defeated Australia to win the World Cup for the fourth time.

1972: Japan's Sapporo hosts Asia's first Winter Olympics

1964: Raghuram Rajan, the 23rd Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, is born

1938: Famous Indian actress Waheeda Rahman is born.

1934: First parcel shipment begins. The name of this company is Lufthansa.

1925: The first electric train service in India was started between Mumbai and Kurla.

1815: The first cheese factory opens in Switzerland.

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