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Saturday, 20 February 2021

This young man did something after refueling that you will do in the future

Video: This young man did something after refueling that you will do in the future

Viral Video: The public is upset over the rising price of petrol and diesel. In many states, petrol prices have gone up to Rs 100 and diesel prices are now likely to cross the 100 mark.

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Just think that when petrol has become so expensive, the common man can lose even a drop of petrol. A young man has made a video about this. Seeing which also worries about the future and even laughing hurts in the stomach.



The lake fills up drop by drop

This video was shared by a Twitter user. He wrote in the caption ‘What do you know the price of a drop of oil Ramesh Babu… Now this video is rapidly going viral on the internet. So far more than 5 thousand people have watched this video and also got about a thousand likes.
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You are going to laugh a lot when you see this post and you can also see that people are doing this because the price of petrol has also gone up a lot. People need to send this post and make people laugh a lot.

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What's in this video?

It can be seen in the video that a young man is refueling the car, however, as the pump worker goes to remove the nozzle, the young man immediately takes the nozzle and tries to put a drop of petrol in the tank. People are liking this move very much. And yes people keep expressing their grief through videos and memes and jokes on social media.

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