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Saturday, 20 February 2021

Took a selfie on Mars:Perseverance Rover sent the first color photo and selfie from Mars

Took a selfie on Mars:Perseverance Rover sent the first color photo and selfie from Mars; The message of the helicopter that went to another planet for the first time - everything is fine here

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The Perseverance Rover is equipped with 23 cameras and two microphones to record the latest video and sound from Mars.

The American space agency NASA's Perseverance Rover has sent the world's first color photo and selfie from Mars. Late Friday night NASA shared with the whole world via social media. Not only that, for the first time, a helicopter from another planet has also sent its first report to NASA. In this, the helicopter states that everything is fine there after its landing. The report also provides information about the temperature of Mars. The night temperature is said to be minus 90 degrees Celsius.

Hello World, this is my first appearance
Perseverance Rover landing on an 820 feet deep crater called Jezero. Also shared her first selfie with Dunisa. A photo of Mars and its selfie have been shared on Perseverance Rover's social media account. It reads, 'Hello world, my first look at my home forever'. Another post reads, ‘Another scene is appearing behind me. Welcome to Jezero '

Rover sent this first photo to NASA. It shows both the surface of Mars and the rover.

NASA claims that the most accurate landing
Perseverance Rover ever landed on Mars in search of life on Thursday. At about two o'clock on Thursday and Friday night, according to Indian time, the most dangerous surface of Mars landed on Jaziro Crater. There was sometimes water on its surface. NASA claims it is the rover's most accurate landing on Mars in history. The Perseverance Rover will also be bringing rock samples from the Red Planet.

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The 6-wheeled robot completed a journey of 470 million kilometers in seven months and quickly reached its goal. The last seven minutes were very difficult and dangerous. In just 7 minutes it reached 12,000 miles per hour at 0. This was followed by a landing.

Helicopters have been sent for the first time with the rover. The helicopter has also sent its report to NASA.

Touchdown zone was on the
island crater NASA had made the island crater the touchdown zone of the rover. Rabot landed right here. Now it will collect complete information from here via satellite camera and then send it to NASA.  According to scientists, the island crater is the surface of Mars where there was once a huge lake. This means that the information that there is water here has been solidly received. Scientists hope that if there was ever life on Mars, it could be found here in the form of fossils.

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Exploration of water and life The Perseverance Mars Rover and Enginity Helicopter will work to create oxygen from carbon dioxide on Mars. In addition to signs of life underground, it will also search for water and investigate it. 

The photo is from Friday, when the rover made a successful landing on Mars. President Biden also saw this historic event.

Perseverance Rover has 23 cameras The
Perseverance Rover has 23 cameras and two microphones to record the latest video and sound on Mars. There is also the first cute helicopter Ingenuity on another planet with the rover. Parachutes and retro rackets have been fitted for this. This made easy landing possible. Now the rover will explore the island crater for two years.

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NASA's Mars mission is called the Perseverance Mars Rover and the Enginity Helicopter. The Perseverance Rover weighs 1000 kg. It will run on nuclear energy. Plutonium is being used as fuel for the first time in a rover.  Whereas, the weight of the helicopter is 2 kg.

U.S. celebrates after successful landing Aeronautics and Space Administration team.

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The fourth generation fifth rover on the mission
has already landed four NASA rovers on Mars. Perseverance is NASA's fourth generation rover. The first lesson was sent to Sojoner in 1997 for the Finder campaign. Then in 2004 it was sent to Spirit and Opportunity. When Curiosity camped on Mars in 2012.

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