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Friday, 19 February 2021

VIDEO: The groom got angry during the wedding photoshoot, the bride burst out laughing while slapping the cameraman!

 Most of the time we see on social media, wedding videos and photoshoots go viral. One such video is currently going viral on social media. Seeing which, you will burst into laughter. The video is currently making waves on the Internet. People are really liking this video. This video is from the time when a cameraman was taking a photo of the bride at the wedding, when suddenly the groom shot the cameraman.

During the photoshoot the photographer was posing very close to the bride, holding her face. At this point, the groom, who was standing nearby, lost his temper and gave the photographer a slap in the face, which made the bride burst out laughing. The bride laughed so much that she sat on the stage and grabbed her stomach and started laughing. People are having a lot of fun seeing the bride smiling like this in this video. People are also liking this video.

You can see here is the video given to you. You can stop the laughter of the pots by watching the video. So think about how much you are going to laugh. You can watch. You will love this video

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