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Saturday, 20 February 2021

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Hello friends, how are you? Today is a good and new song for you and below is the information and video of the song. Today it has come and you will have fun listening to it and friends, this song is very good. Please share.

SURMA BOLE : Himanshi Khurana | Bunty Bains | The Kidd | Latest Punjabi Song 2021 | Brand B

Song : Surma Bole Singer : Himanshi Khurana Lyrics & Composer : Bunty Bains Music : The Kidd Directed By : Sandeep Sharma Label : Brand B

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You will love listening to this song and people may also like this song. People will love this song. You can watch this song on our post. You may like this song very much. In this song you will see Himanshi Khurana dancing and you will be very happy to see him. You can share this post with people.

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