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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Viral video:Viral video:A woman was standing under a freight train


Viral video:A woman was standing under a freight train, suddenly the train was running; See how to save yourself

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Sometimes wrong haste can push a man to the brink of death, but it is said that who tastes Ram Rakhe. Gujarati A video that makes this saying meaningful is going very viral on social media right now. In it a freight train passes over an old woman and nothing happens to the old woman.

In fact, an elderly woman tries to pass quickly under a freight train parked at the gate due to a lack of signal. The train reaches the bottom and the train suddenly starts. The people around him and Getman start shouting and telling the woman to sleep on the railway track. The entire train then passes over the woman and the woman's mansion is rescued. Approximately 6 dozen coaches of the train pass over the woman.

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Railway worker Jagbir and witness Wasim, who were on duty, said that the freight train stopped at the gate at 11 a.m. due to non-receipt of signal from Gohna. Meanwhile a 62-year-old woman tries to cross the track from under the freight train. Meanwhile, the train started moving and the woman fell asleep and saved her life.

Notably, a lot of people standing there then took down the video of the incident and now it is going very viral on social media in which a woman is lying on the floor of the train and the train is passing by.

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