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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Welcome here:A convoy of 500 cars arrived to take the gangster from Pune who was released from jail


Welcome here:A convoy of 500 cars arrived to take the gangster from Pune who was released from jail!

Gajanan, who was acquitted in the murder case, reached home in an open car

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Notorious Pune gangster Gajanan Marane has been acquitted by a court in two murder cases due to lack of evidence. His supporters rallied after he was released from Mumbai's Taloja jail. A convoy of 500 cars arrived outside the jail to pick him up. Supporters marched on the Pune-Mumbai Express Highway, setting off fireworks and even shooting at it with drone cameras.

The police have lodged a complaint in the matter. Gajanan was charged with two counts of murder in 2014, so he was in judicial custody. His supporters, who had come to pick him up with 500 cars, first marched on the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway. Gajanan stood in an open car and was greeted by supporters like a leader.

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Meanwhile, his supporters set off fireworks and shot down a procession with drones. This caused a traffic jam on the highway. Police later filed a case against Gajanan and his supporters under various sections after a video of the procession went viral on social media. During the procession, Gajanan's supporters did not even pay toll tax on the highway. All the cars reached Gajanan's house in Kothrud at speed.

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