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Monday, 1 February 2021

Wisom - Camera/Microphone access desktop remotely Indicator APK Download Free 2021

Most applications use your camera when needed but some apps might try to access desktop remotely it in the background or foreground without your consent.

For the access desktop remotely dots indicator to work, you need to turn it on in the app setting (you have to allow Wisom to appear on top permission as well)

- Detect camera/microphone usage
- Show app access desktop remotely history
- Show camera or microphone recording indicator when apps use them
- And some other useful features.

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People have lost faith in WhatsApp. People no longer know if WhatsApp is hacking your account. A new app has been created to find out.

The name of this app is Vison App. You can see the link of this app below. It will take you directly to Playstore. And by using it you can know if someone is using your camera in your mobile. You can find out if someone is using a microphone in your mobile

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Wisom is inspired by the new iOS 14 privacy feature that shows an indicator whenever the camera or microphone is accessed.
Wisom is in the beta phase!
Wisom means Who is spying on me!

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