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Thursday, 4 March 2021

24X7 hours banking facility

24X7 hours banking facility:Axis Bank has entered into an agreement with WhatsApp to provide banking facility to customers at any time

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To start WhatsApp banking service, you have to send 'Hi' to WhatsApp number 7036165000.
Account play, recent transaction information, credit card payments, FD and RD information will also be available.

This is new news for Axis Bank customers in the private sector. They will now also be able to get basic banking features on WhatsApp. This service will not have any bank holidays, i.e. this facility will be available all year round, day and night. To start WhatsApp banking service you have to type 'Hi' on WhatsApp number 7036165000.

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For both customers and non-customers, the facility
company said in a statement that the service will be available to all. This means that even those who are not customers of the bank will be able to use this WhatsApp service. The service will be completely secure as it will be available through an end-to-end encrypted messaging channel.

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Account Amount, Recent Transaction Information
According to the bank, customers will be able to get information about the latest transaction amount in their account from their WhatsApp service. Its customers will also be able to get credit card payment, fixed and recurring deposit information on WhatsApp. They will be able to get answers to their questions instantly on real time basis through this service.

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Application for banking product can also be obtained through WhatsApp banking service with customer basic facilities and information of nearest branch, ATM or loan center. It will also allow them to apply for a wide range of banking products. Most importantly, the bank's customers will also be able to block their credit or debit cards through it.

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said Samir Shetty, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital Banking, Axis Bank. 'For that we will take our customer connection to a new level through our digital banking. This technology will not only improve our banking experience but also provide personalized service to customers and non-customers.

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