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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

A small mistake on Whatsapp… and thus all the money in the account will disappear, so be careful

A small mistake on Whatsapp… and thus all the money in the account will disappear, so be careful

WhatsApp has become a popular app in the country. One of the bets is joining a new essential service, that of banking. Some banks have started WhatsApp Banking for their customers. These include HDFC Bank, ICIC Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. Some of the services linked to the customer's account from these banks will be available to them through WhatsApp. But WhatsApp can also cause online fraud. Someone may hack your bank account, UPI or e-wallet account. One small mistake of yours on WhatsApp can make money disappear from your account.

Here we are telling you what mistakes you should not make or how your account should be hacked and what you should take special care of for that.

Pay special attention to these things

The most important and necessary thing is that you should not share your banking password, IPIN and username with anyone. Especially if any stranger contacts you through WhatsApp, don't reply to them. Also, if a stranger shares a link to you, open it.

Do not disclose bank details and OTP at all


Never share bank details with anyone. If someone asks for a debit card, a credit card PIN, and an Internet banking password, don't share it with anyone. One should not share one's OTP with anyone on WhatsApp, no matter how small the amount. Cyber experts say that OTP should only be put in front of one's own eyes.

Do not download the media file from the new number


If a media file has come from a new number, never download it. That file may also contain a virus, which could cause your account to be hacked. Keep away from unfamiliar phone numbers in the same way you do with Corona virus.

Don't forget to delete the data

Keep disabling auto download in your phone. By going to WhatsApp's settings and changing the settings by going to data and storage usage, no file will be downloaded manually. Make sure you delete all WhatsApp data from your phone. If you lose your phone, or if you want to sell it, then delete all data.

Don't use public Wi-Fi


Don't use unfamiliar or public Wi-Fi in free internet circles. Avoid this, as it increases the chances of hacking. Often hackers can hack your phone online via Wi-Fi. Avoid using WhatsApp on public Wi-Fi networks. Mobile data plans are much cheaper now, so it is better to use your own mobile data.

What to do if the phone is lost or stolen

If your phone is lost or stolen, first deactivate your WhatsApp account, except to file a report. will be saved and your bank account will not be hacked .

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