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Monday, 22 March 2021

Corona explosion in Surat: Report of more than 20 students and teachers came positive, doctors also came in a hurry: The situation is very serious!

Heavy curry / Corona explosion in Surat: Report of more than 20 students and teachers came positive, doctors also came in a hurry: The situation is very serious!

Korona has been wailing in Surat city for the last one year. However, Corona's case declined last February. On February 8, the lowest number of 22 cases was reported in the city and in Surat district there were only 3 cases on that day. In the month and a half since then, the city has been witnessing record-breaking cases of Corona taking on a monstrous form again. The city has a total of 44,348 with 405 cases today. And the total number of 105 found in the district is 13827.

In a month and a half, Corona's record-breaking case in the city took on a monstrous form again

As the number of cases has increased, so has the number of hospitalized and critically ill patients. Only 1 in 5 corona patients admitted to the ward at Covid Hospital in New Civil on 19-2-2021 were on oxygen. And 1 of the 5 patients admitted to the smear were on bipap and 1 on oxygen. While the number of currently admitted patients has increased to 140 and the number of critically ill patients has increased to 77, the condition of 6 out of 104 patients admitted to Civil on Sunday is critical.

 Of these, 15 are on bipaps and 40 on oxygen, and 22 of the 35 patients in Schmeier are in critical condition. There are 2 ventilators, 11 bipaps and 9 on oxygen. With the deaths of a 55-year-old woman from Limbaita and a 30-year-old woman from Udhana in Surat city, the total number of new corona found in the city today is 405 and 105 in the district, bringing the total to 510. A further 293 from the city and 136 from the countryside found 306 patients were discharged.

There were 405 new cores in the city and 105 in the district, bringing the total to 510

In Surat, 28 more students, three doctors and a teacher Korona have been infected. Lawyer, Civil Hospital Nursing student, Lalgate police station home guard Jawan Korona has been infected. Apart from this, 14 people involved in textiles business have tested positive for Korona.

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 Seven persons associated with Koro have also tested positive. Testing has been increased in ten areas including Vesu, Adajan. રામ Sagarampura in Central Zone, Navapura, Adajan in Rander zone, Pal, Mota Varachha in Varachha zone, Seemada, Bhestan in Udhana zone, Katargam in Katargam zone. Increased..When the number of Dhanvantari Raths has been increased in Dindoli and Godadra areas in Limbayat zone, testing has been increased સંખ્યા The number of Dhanvantari Raths in Surat has been increased to more than 112…

According to the health department, a 30-year-old woman from Vijayanagar in Udhana was admitted to a new civil hospital on May 16, while a 55-year-old man from Limbaita was admitted to Smeemer Hospital on May 19. Both reported positive. Both later died during treatment. Of the 405 new cases in the city, the highest is 115 in Athwa, 57 in Rander and 51 in Limbayat. 

The city has a total of 44,753 cases and 860 deaths. In rural areas, the total number of cases is 13.7 and the death toll is 8. The total number of cases in city-rural combined is 9,60 and the death toll is 1147. The condition of 77 of the 104 Coro-positive patients in the Covid ward at New Civil today is critical. Of which 15 bipeps and 40 patients are on oxygen. While 22 out of 35 patients at Schmeier Hospital are in critical condition, including 2 on ventilators, 11 on bipoles and 9 on oxygen. Out of the active cases in the city, 424 patients are admitted to various hospitals under treatment.

- Three doctors, a bank employee, a nursing student, a businessman, students in the corona

In the city, Varachha's doctor and Vesu's doctor and private doctor, 26 students including civil nursing two nursing students, 25 professionals including textile-construction-textile-embroidery-granite marbles-practitioner, yoga teacher, teacher, seven managers of various city banks and In Adajan, a sari shopkeeper, four employees of Hazira's company, a pharmacist from Mahidharpura, a seller of vegetables from Sardar Market, Hormgad of Lalgate police station and 7 corona involved in diamonds and 14 corona involved in textiles have been arrested.

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