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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Daman / Davel's company caught fire,

 Massive fire at Daman / Davel's company, more than 15 firefighters at the scene, fire brigade announces major call

A fire broke out at a company in Davel's Davel area today. As the fire intensified due to the amount of flammable liquid, the whole company was engulfed in chaos. More than 15 fire brigade vehicles including Daman, Selvas, Vapi, Sarigam reached the spot and carried out an exercise to control the uncontrollable fire.

Fire brigade vehicles reached the spot and conducted an exercise to control the uncontrollable fire

According to the information received, a textile company called Supertech Woven Industries is located in Plot No. 168/179/180 in Atiawad of Davel. A sudden fire broke out in the Malaske company on Tuesday. However, due to the amount of flammable liquid in the company, the fire intensified and the entire company was engulfed in flames. The firefighters were evacuated.

More than 15 bamba in the area including Daman, Selvas, Vapi, Sarigam

Following the incident, more than 15 people from Daman, Selvas, Vapi, Sarigam and other areas reached the spot. The armies later made an effort to use the form with heavy sprinkling of water to control the uncontrollable fire. A police team also rushed to the spot on learning of the incident.

The fire also engulfed employees of a nearby company

The fire also caused panic among employees of the surrounding company.  The fire consumed finished goods and raw materials in the company. At the same time, the structure of the company was severely damaged.

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