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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Deteriorating education:Engineering education in Gujarat goes awry, students lose interest due to poor education and low salaries

Deteriorating education:Engineering education in Gujarat goes awry, students lose interest due to poor education and low salaries

Private colleges offering engineering degrees to parents for millions of rupees are not able to provide jobs to students.
The number of government colleges has increased by only 10 in the last 20 years, while the number of private colleges has increased from 15 to 112, but 57% seats remain vacant.

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On the one hand, amid Prime Minister Modi's call for self-reliance, students' interest in engineering education in his own home state is declining. Due to the haphazardly opened engineering colleges in the state, the number of seats is insufficient and the number is declining every year. Despite the large number of engineers coming out every year, most of the engineers are not getting adequate salaries due to lack of required skills, which is leading to declining interest in engineering.

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Water in De Damodar dal ... 90 private colleges increased in 15 years, government only 2
The government's policy on engineering education as well as accreditation of engineering colleges has allowed haphazard self-financed colleges in the state as there are no norms or criteria. In front of it, there is a picture of standardized professors, workshops, labs, government engineering colleges being treated with leniency.

 In the year 2000, there were 9 government engineering colleges and 15 private colleges in the state. Five years later, two new colleges were added to the government colleges, against 22 private colleges, but during Anandibahen Patel was the state education minister from 2002-2007, 50 new private colleges were opened between 2005 and 2010 due to drastic relaxation of rules on opening self-financed colleges. Since then, the number has been steadily increasing every year and the number of government colleges has remained stable at 19.

Self-financed colleges have been sanctioned with huge discounts of 57% seats in colleges with large withdrawals, but the interest of Gujarati students in engineering education has been steadily declining due to lack of standard education, adequate jobs and especially proper pay scale.

 Proof of this is that engineering seats have never been filled since 2010. The number of vacant seats has been steadily increasing since 2013. 10,778 seats were vacant in 2013, 28,102 in 2015 and 33,255 in 2018. At present, there are a total of 64,087 seats in each faculty of public-private colleges out of which only 27,218 seats were filled, while 36,869 seats remained vacant. In other words, 57% of the seats are vacant.

Ahmedabad-based state government L.D. College of Engineering.

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'Approval of indiscriminate and deadly teachings dug cheap or worthless'
Gujarat University, former Vice-Chancellor and LD's why the state of engineering education have been worse MN Patel, former principal of the College of Engineering, says, "Excessive private colleges have been sanctioned in the country and in the state, which has led to the deteriorating condition of engineering due to lack of adequate facilities and quality education in some colleges." 

In addition, students are deprived of adequate practical knowledge due to lack of advanced workshops, hence the widespread complaints of not getting skilled students despite a large number of engineers dropping out. On the whole, employment opportunities are declining and even if a job is found, the pay scale is very low. In such circumstances, students are drawn to other faculties instead of engineering.

4 to 11 lakhs in a private college
The government college has an annual fee of Rs 1,500 for engineering studies, while no fee is charged for female students. Ahmedabad-based L.D. 

The quality of education is still good in government colleges including Engineering College, Morbi-based Lakhdhirsinh Engineering College, Bhavnagar-based Shantilal Shah Engineering College, where all the standards, including the qualifications of professors, are strictly adhered to. The merit for admission here also goes up very high every year. While the standard of fees in private colleges is Rs. 

60 thousand to 2.50 lakh. In addition, the cost of a 4-year study, including accommodation, is slightly higher at Rs 4 lakh to Rs 11 lakh. 

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