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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Exclusive:Unemployment fire will be extinguished Fire Safety Officer

Exclusive:Unemployment fire will be extinguished Fire Safety Officer, FSO project will create 2 lakh jobs, you can also become FSO this way

Launched FSO project to make the complex process of Fire NOC easier and more effective
In addition to Fire Safety, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering students can also become FSO.

The recent spate of fires in tuition classes and hospitals has raised serious eyebrows over shortcomings in fire safety standards. To address these shortcomings, a new fire policy has been prepared by the state government, the follow-up of which has started training of fire safety officers. The aim of the project is to make the process of Fire NoC easier and more effective with the help of the Fire Safety Officer Project, to equip maximum places in the state with fire safety as well as to provide employment to maximum number of youth.

What is an FSO project?

The state government announced the fire policy in December and implemented some important amendments regarding fire NOC. In the same way that the guidance of a structural engineer is mandatory for commercial construction, the instruction and certification of a fire safety consultant is now mandatory. For this, a fire safety officer training program has been organized. The project has been implemented by the Urban Development and Urban Housing Development Department of the State Government with the objective of speeding up the process of Fire NOC, implementing certain criteria and determining liability.

3 different types of FSO training courses have been prepared.
In addition to classroom training, practical guidance will also be provided by experts in the field of fire prevention.

The first batch started from February

Candidates of the first batch of FSO courses are being trained by going to different sites.

Rs. 3 courses at a fee of 4 to 12 thousand

The State Urban Development Department in collaboration with Gujarat Fire Disaster Management has prepared 3 special types of courses, which include FSO General, FSO Advance and FSO Specialist.
Admission to this course will be given to a candidate who has graduated in Fire and Safety or Diploma or PG Diploma.

For admission, registration has to be done on the special portal prepared by the Fire Department, for which the registration fee has been fixed at Rs.500 for male candidate and Rs.250 for female and other candidates.

After the registration, the certificates of the candidates will be checked, after which they will be trained according to different batches.

Trainees who have obtained the certificate will also be required to attend the refresher course every three years.

Details of the certified FSO will be posted on the official portal so that builders or private owners wishing to obtain fire safety can obtain the certificate by processing it online.
The performance of the three fire officers will remain the same, but they have been classified for their field of work.

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How and where are FSOs being prepared?

At present, Fire Safety Officers will be prepared at 7 places in the state, out of which batches have been started in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot, in which qualified candidates are being trained in three different types of courses. 

Candidates joining the course are being trained as per the criteria laid down in the National Fire Safety Code, according to which the candidates who have undergone this training will be provided Fire NOC. Candidates' certificates will be verified after registration.

Candidates of FSO course are being given guidance through experts.

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More than 2 lakh jobs will be created

, according to Rajkumar Beniwal, municipal commissioner of the state. The experiment will facilitate fire-related operations in the state. In addition, more than 2 lakh jobs will be created every year. For this course, students who have studied Fire Safety as well as students who have graduated in Civil,

 Architect, Chemical, Electrical branch of Degree Engineering will also have the opportunity to become FSO, thus bringing partial relief to the problem of unemployment among engineering students. The fire safety officer can get a consulting charge from the builder.

Divyabhaskar News 

This decision will reduce the burden on the fire brigade . In addition, it will be easier for building owners and people to obtain and renew NOCs. The new fire safety policy aims to get a large number of high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, schools-colleges, hospitals, industrial units in the state. And every 6 months renewal services will be available quickly and immediately. Such property owners-occupants will have the option of availing the services of Fire Safety Officer of their choice.

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