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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Fight:Giant crocodile attacks lion in river, video goes viral in Africa

Fight:Giant crocodile attacks lion in river, video goes viral in Africa

Video Desk: Each animal also has a specific area of ​​its own. Going to that area can sometimes be overwhelming for other animals. Something similar happened to the lion king of the forest. This is the phenomenon, of the Sabi River in South Africa.

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 Here a lion standing on the river bank dives into the water to cross the river. However, this lion does not know that the crocodile is hiding in the water on the bank of the river. Like a lion descending into a river, the crocodile immediately chases after it and attacks the lion in the middle of the river.

 Suddenly the lion drowns rather than the crocodile attacks. However, fortunately the lion escapes by jumping out of the crocodile's mouth, and escapes from the safe river. Dr. DCF of Chandigarh. Abdul Qayyum shared this video.

You can find out here why the lion is called the king of the jungle. You will see in this post that wherever there is a place, you should have the courage to pamper and save someone.

You can see in the video given here how the lion protects Potsa from a terrifying and ferocious crocodile even though he is in the water. You can understand very well by watching this video You don't have the power to stop

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