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Saturday, 20 March 2021

Gram UJALA Scheme: LED lamps for only Rs 10, 3-year warranty,

 Special Read / Gram UJALA Scheme: LED lamps for only Rs 10, 3-year warranty, know all the information

 Under this scheme, people will get LED bulbs for just Rs. What is special is that despite such a low price, no help or subsidy is being given by the government. Through this scheme, the government aims to lift rural India out of darkness

The program has been launched by Convergence Average Services Limited (CESL). Under this CESL will distribute 1.5 crore bulbs in the first phase. This state-owned company is reading LED lamps at the lowest prices in the world. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd). EESL is a Government of India energy company which is the largest energy service company in the world. Its 100 per cent stake is held by the Government of India. It is a joint venture between NTPC Power Finance Corporation, REC Limited and Powergrid.

Will get three years warranty

7 and 12 watt LED lamps will be distributed in the first phase of Gram Ujala program. In the first phase, lamps will be distributed in Ara of Bihar, Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh, Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh, Nagpur of Maharashtra and some districts of West Gujarat. The warranty of this lamp will be three years. And will be distributed only in rural India. Regarding the scheme, Power Ministry Secretary Alok Kumar said, "This is an important program." Climate change challenges will also be dealt with with the help of this program.

There will be a shortage of 37 million tons of CO2.

Our country currently has 300 million or more than 300 million yellow lamps. However, replacing these lamps with LED lamps would save 40,743 million kilowatts (kWh) of energy per year. In addition, carbon dioxide consumption will be 37 million tons per year.

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