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Thursday, 18 March 2021

Ground report:Public outrage over closure of AMTS-BRTS

Ground report:Public outrage over closure of AMTS-BRTS, continue bus with one person seating between two seats


The working class, the common man and the poor suffered greatly when the buses stopped.

Rickshaw pullers have been charging double fare at the bus stand since morning
People coming from outside the village are also annoyed when buses stop

All AMTS and BRTS buses were placed at the depot

A wave of corona has started once again in the state, with the municipal corporation deciding to shut down AMTS and BRTS bus services in the city from Thursday as corona cases are on the rise in Ahmedabad city, causing severe hardship to many working class, common and poor people.

 The outrage among the people is that the corporation suddenly takes a decision late at night and the public has to be annoyed. Why the decision was not made when thousands of people gathered in the elections and matches. AMTS and BRTS have demanded that buses should continue with 50 per cent one person per seat in two seats.

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Rickshaw pullers start robbing when buses close As rickshaw

and AMTS and BRTS stop today, rickshaw pullers have also started robbing people. Some rickshaw pullers are taking advantage of the closure of buses to rob passengers. Asking for two to three times the normal fare. People have to pay exorbitant fares to rickshaw pullers as they have no other option to go to work. While rickshaw pullers are carrying more than three passengers, people are also questioning whether the corona will not spread.

Only 50 per cent passenger bus service should be continued in AMTS and BRTS buses.

Continue just 50 per cent of passengers
AMTS bus is taken by the daily said harsadabhai Solanki interview with Divya Bhaskar than commuter said that the night of the same corporation that because people are afraid, today was stopped Service AMTS and BRTS bus fell privation people Is.

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 I get up and down the AMTS and BRTS buses every day. Buses have been forced to go in rickshaws as they have stopped and rickshaw pullers are demanding double the fare. The fares have to be paid twice as much as usual, so the corporation should continue to carry only 50 per cent passenger buses on AMTS and BRTS buses.

All AMTS and BRTS buses were seen back at the depot.

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How little kamanivala offers double the rent

going AMTS bus jobs tarabene said AMTS and BRTS buses stop moving so much privation. Rickshaw pullers want more fare, which is hard to figure out. The AMTS and BRTS bus service corporations should continue to accommodate one person in one seat with social distance between the two seats so that people are not bothered when they are earning less and cannot pay more fare.

Passengers are getting annoyed as travel in buses is stopped once again.

Why such a decision was not taken during the election match?

With AMTS and BRTS closed from today, people remembered the time of lockdown last March. All AMTS and BRTS buses were seen back at the depot. Passengers are getting annoyed as travel in buses is stopped once again. People are saying that the government and the corporation were asleep when thousands of people gathered during the election and the match ?? Gathered people as if Corona was leaving and now all of a sudden all the gardens, gyms, riverfront, Kankaria, Zoo and AMTS-BRTS have closed and the government and corporations are working to control Corona, which is harassing the public. .

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