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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Hahakar:The biggest sandstorm in 10 years in China, 341 people missing in Mongolia; 400 flight canceled

Hahakar:The biggest sandstorm in 10 years in China, 341 people missing in Mongolia; 400 flight canceled

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The storm started after rains in the northwestern region of Mongolia and China

 Today, on March 15, 2021, the hurricane caused the entire city of Beijing to turn yellow. Lights have to be turned on in many areas. Even on the roads, people have to drive with their headlights on. People are wearing masks over their faces and covering their faces. Air quality levels in Beijing have crossed 1000. Which doctors and scientists have called the most deadly. More than 400 flights have been canceled. This dust storm started from Mongolia.

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Yellow alert issued around
Beijing People in Beijing on Monday had to turn on lights at home and on the streets. Because the whole city is full of dark yellow and brown dust. The China Meteorological Administration on Monday issued a yellow alert in areas around Beijing. The sandstorm stretches from the hinterland of Mongolia to Gansu, Shanxi and Hebei. The capital, Beijing, is surrounded by these cities.

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Increased deforestation Increased sandstorm Increased
levels of PM 2.5 particles dangerous to respiratory patients and lungs have reached 300 micrograms per cubic meter. While in China its standard is 35 micrograms. 

Sandstorms are most common in Beijing in March and April. Due to the Gobi Desert near Beijing, there are frequent sandstorms. This is because deforestation is taking place rapidly in the north of China. So the dust flying there surrounds Beijing. 

The maximum level of Air Quality Index (AQI) in Beijing has reached 500. In some districts the level of PM 10 particles reached 2000 micrograms per cubic meter. While AQI 1000 level has also been noted in some areas. This is relatively dangerous to pollution and health.

The area of ​​Beijing that is covered by this sandstorm has already had a lot of pollution levels in a few weeks. Smog levels in the city rose sharply on March 5, the same day parliamentary proceedings began in Beijing. Visibility was reduced to 1 km on Monday due to a dust storm. This caused cars and other vehicles to turn on the headlights on the road.

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In addition, more than 400 flights to and from Beijing have been canceled. The entire city has been engulfed in yellow and brown dust since 7.30am on Monday. Visibility is also reduced in cloudy weather. According to Chinese media, 341 people are missing due to dust storms in and around Mongolia. People in a city called Ningxia in China said they could not even sleep at night. Unable to breathe, they woke up.

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Not to go out without work: Administration
Industry in Tangshan, China's most famous steel-producing city, and Hebei in Beijing is a major source of air pollution. This often leads to emergency anti-smog campaigns in China. The Beijing administration has told people to get out if they need to and contact the nearest hospital immediately if they feel unwell.

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