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Friday, 19 March 2021

Here's a great way to get rid of migraines.

 Here's a great way to get rid of migraines.

The best and worst way to cure a headache. You may not like it. Read the following post to know the remedy.


Migraine pain mostly occurs in half the head. The pain is so severe that the person has difficulty in performing normal daily activities. In some cases the pain also occurs throughout the head. At the same time, the neck and face also get this pain. Most of the women have this problem. This is believed to be due to hormonal changes that occur from time to time within a woman.


Migraine pain can last from two hours to two to three days. Patients suffering from this pain have problems with bright light and sound. The pain is so severe that people often resort to drugs because they cannot bear it. But did you know that a flimsy weed growing along the road can solve this problem? Let us tell you about the home remedies for migraine.


Find out the cause of migraine

The problem of migraine is due to the bad lifestyle nowadays. So the reason is also connected with lifestyle. In most cases stress, hormonal changes, more physical fatigue, improper eating, alcohol-cigarettes or other drugs, consumption of more caffeinated beverages, changes in sleep patterns, etc. are considered. This problem can often be caused by taking certain medications.


This remedy will eliminate the problem

 Mix a pinch of mulathi powder in this juice and drink this juice at lunch time. Consuming this juice continuously for a month will show the effect and reduce the severity of the problem.

Migraine sufferers should soak 7-8 raisins and almonds in water overnight and eat them on an empty stomach in the morning. It also helps control migraine pain. In addition, the consumption of grapes is also considered beneficial.

Dry the whole coriander and prepare its powder at home. Soak a teaspoon of powder in a cup of water every night. Strain and drink this water in the morning. You can also mix sugarcane powder and drink it if you want. This will control the migraine pain in a few days.

Take care of these things

The main cause of migraine pain is a bad lifestyle, so it is also necessary to improve the lifestyle to get relief from it. For that, stay away from outside food and oily foods. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco or anything with alcohol. Also do yoga and meditation regularly to reduce stress.

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