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Friday, 5 March 2021

In Surat a burning husband ran out of the house, his wife ran after him with a blanket and rescued him, both were severely burnt.

Shocking CCTV:In Surat, a burning husband ran out of the house, his wife ran behind him with a blanket and saved him, both of them were severely burnt.

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CCTV captures husband running out of house in burning condition

The couple was found in a burning condition under mysterious circumstances
Police confused as to how it burned

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The couple, who were found burnt under mysterious circumstances in Syedpura area of ​​Surat city on Wednesday night, came across CCTV. Not only that, but CCTV also shows two women, including a wife, running to save her husband from running out of the house in a burning condition. However, many questions have been raised about the whole incident.

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Ganesh Chauhan (age 45), a resident of Syedpura area, was sleeping at home with his wife Rafia (age 34) and daughter and son on Wednesday night without telling the police about how the couple caught fire . Meanwhile, at half past one, the husband was mysteriously burnt. 

The man was rushed to Schmeier Hospital for treatment in a 108-ambulance after his wife was burnt to death after her husband ran out of the house. Police are also confused as there is no word on how the two were set on fire. The couple, who were taken before a magistrate by Lalgate police, also said nothing about how they caught fire.

Two women, including the wife, tried to save the burning husband.

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"We slept at night," said Rafia , who also threw a blanket and mud to save her husband . Suddenly my husband's back began to burn. So they ran out of the house, I also ran after them and saw that they had fallen to the ground. 

My hands were also burnt while trying to extinguish the fire by throwing a blanket and mud. My sister, who left our home 15 years ago, has been living with us for the past few months. This has never happened before. The police are expected to investigate and give us justice.

The wife came with a blanket and tried to save her husband.

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"I was asleep," said Ganesh Chauhan, hoping the police would do justice . Suddenly my back was burning and I ran out. People and my wife saved me, for some time now my sister-in-law has been living in my house with her husband forcibly and says I will keep you out of the house no matter what happens. This is from last Friday and this incident has happened in just 5 days. We only hope that the police will do us justice.

A large number of residents of the society rushed to the spot when the incident was reported.

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