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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Lightning strikes truck loaded with 450 gas-cylinders:The blasts lasted for an hour and a half, the highway closed for 15 hours; Fragments of cylinders flew 1 km away

Lightning strikes truck loaded with 450 gas-cylinders:The blasts lasted for an hour and a half, the highway closed for 15 hours; Fragments of cylinders flew 1 km away

Fragments of gas-cylinders scattered on the road in an accident in Bhilwara. Company employees also found some pieces of cylinders about a kilometer away.

A truck full of 450 cylinders caught fire when lightning struck Tikad village

One by one each cylinder exploded, the pieces flew as far as 1 KM away

The NH-52 highway was closed for 15 hours, and the fire brigade-police team could not get close

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A major mishap took place at Hanuman Nagar on the Jaipur-Kota highway passing through Bhilwara on Tuesday night. A truck passing over the highway overturned due to lightning in Tikad village. The truck was loaded with 450 domestic gas-cylinders. The truck overturned due to lightning and caused a fire. As a result of the fire, the cylinders in it started bursting one after another. The accident was so serious that all the cylinders in it exploded one after another. The NH-52 highway is still closed about 15 hours after the accident. Passengers bound for Kota, Ajmer and Jaipur were stopped on Wednesday morning. They were diverted and sent from Jahajpur through Basoli turn.
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Police were called to the scene on Wednesday morning. Gas company employees were also called. Since then, work is underway to collect pieces of cylinders from the surrounding areas. The truck driver and the sailor injured in the accident are undergoing treatment at Devli Hospital. The truck full of cylinders was going from Nasirabad to Bhavanimandi in Kota.

The accident caused a long traffic jam on the highway. 

Flames were visible from 5 to 7 km away. The

accident was so severe that the flames were visible from about 5 to 7 km away. Hanuman nagar local police also rushed to the highway on learning of the incident, but the cylinders kept exploding and flames erupted, causing neither the fire brigade nor the police to dare to approach.

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The pieces of the cylinder reached the roof of a nearby house.

Around 8 pm, a truck passing near the Tick village turn was struck by lightning, which caused the truck to overturn uncontrollably. In the accident, a fire broke out in the truck and the cylinders in it started catching fire one after another. The accident caused a stir in the villages, including the highway and Tikkad. The cylinders were bouncing one kilometer away with the explosion.

Fragments of torn cylinders flew far and wide on the road. The roofs of the houses and courtyards also collapsed.
ગુજરાતી માવાન્ચવામાટે અહીંયા ક્લિ કકરો 

It was dangerous to stand 150 meters away from the

spot, said Dinesh, who works in the fire department of Dev nagar Municipality, adding that it was also dangerous to stand about 150 meters away from the spot. Even the fire brigade team was not in a position to go near the truck. Satraj Meena, a 35-year-old truck driver, somehow managed to save his life in the accident. However, the driver was burnt in various parts of the body as a result of the flames.

The injured truck driver somehow escaped from the scene and saved his life.

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