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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Modi government is putting 60 thousand rupees in the account of every woman? Know what is fact

In today's age, instead of using social media to spread good news, some people are using fake news to spread fake news. Such cases are coming up in the coming days. The latest case is news related to the Centre's plan.

Indeed, a YouTube video claims that the central government is giving Rs 60,000 in cash to all women's bank accounts under the 'Mahila Shakti Yojana'.

The YouTube video is being quickly shared on social media. Because if the government is really putting Rs 60,000 in women's bank accounts, then everyone wants to get this government help too.

In fact, in the midst of the Koro crisis, the government has provided a variety of financial assistance to women's Jandhan accounts. During the lockdown, an installment of Rs 500 was sent to the bank accounts of women Jan Dhan account holders for three months from April to June under the Prime Minister's Poor Welfare Package.

Let me tell you, people across the country were being misled by this fake video posted on YouTube. Because this video was just to mislead people. An investigation into the PIB fact check revealed that the video of women depositing Rs 60,000 in their bank accounts was fake.Credit link
The PIB fact check has falsified the claim in the video. That is, the claim of giving Rs 60,000 to YouTube is fake.

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