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Friday, 5 March 2021

New App for Safety:Truecaller launches Guardians app, delivers location and battery details in an emergency

New App for Safety:Truecaller launches Guardians app, delivers location and battery details in an emergency

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The app will also alert the local authority in an emergency
The app was specially designed with women's safety in mind

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Truecaller has launched its new Guardians app. This app is developed by Caller ID platform. It can be used by users to send their location in case of emergency. This app will prove to be very effective in times of trouble. 

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Developed by a team from Sweden and India According to Truecaller, the app was developed by a team from Sweden and India in 15 months. The company launched it just before Women's Day. Alan Mamedi, co-founder and CEO of the company, said that there are many apps for personal safety and location sharing available, but Guardians is quite different from all these apps.

The Guardian will receive notifications from the Emergency button
, the company said, adding that even if the user is sharing a location, it works in the background. The company claims that this smartphone uses less battery. It also has an emergency button. Guardians receive notifications as soon as they tap.

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Features of the Guardians app

The Always Share Location option can be kept on the Guardians app. It will have the option to select a random option. Location sharing option is available in case of emergency.

Along with the location of your phone, the battery and network status are also given to your selected contacts. The local authority will also receive an alert in an emergency.

Users can log in to the Guardians app using Truecaller ID. Mobile number verifications can also be used to log in. You can also log in by getting an OTP by making a missed call to the company number.
App seeks permission for location and contacts. Its user interface is simple. You can select many people in the Guardians list. All these will have emergency details.

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