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Saturday, 20 March 2021

New symptoms of corona, diarrhea-vomiting, swelling on the intestines, weakness

 Corona's new round / diarrhea-vomiting, intestinal swelling, weakness New symptoms of corona, these two organs have the most effect


It has been one year since corona in Gujarat and now a new round of corona has started and there has been a worrying increase in cases. Leading doctors in the city are being contacted today for lung infections, but now children, especially adults, are reported to have symptoms, including inflammation of the intestines after coronary heart disease.


Effect of new round corona intestine, liver

Dr. Praful Kamani, a gastroenterologist in the city, said that corona can be a symptom of not eating anything outside, having a routine meal and sudden abdominal pain, swelling of the liver on the small intestine, complaints including diarrhea, weakness, leg pain etc. Have met. Although it is more prevalent among children, such cases are also known to occur in Delhi. However, he added that these symptoms of corona are not very worrying.

"In Rajkot, the incidence of corona has increased but its lethality has decreased," said IMA president Dr Jay Dhirwani, adding that corona is a viral gastroenteritis. Such symptoms appear. Although it is more annoying to have an infection in the lungs, such an effect on the stomach is not so worrying. Regarding curfew and lockdown to avoid corona, he said that given the current situation, when distance is not maintained despite repeated instructions, maximum vaccine and mask are the only two measures that can save people from corona.


Corona is still just as dangerous

While ICU doctor Dr. Jayesh Dobriya said that corona is still contagious and if not treated in time or has cormobid condition including diabetes, its organs like lung, heart, blood, brain, stomach, kidneys etc. Has a serious effect on. It is still as dangerous as it was years ago when people became carefree.

But, in one year, the situation has changed. Earlier, the disease was brand new, knowledge of its effects and how to prevent it was limited. No, but we have learned a lot and because of that the death rate from corona has come down a lot, ”he added.


Do not take corona vaccine if you have flu-like symptoms

The head of a leading hospital in Rajkot said that some people had contracted corona after taking the corona vaccine. Regarding the cause of such cases, he said that many people get vaccinated immediately even though they have symptoms like cold, fever, weakness. The vaccine should be given.

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