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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

SBI gives big relief to the elderly:you get about 1% more interest on the fixed deposit

SBI gives big relief to the elderly! Extending the last date of the scheme, you get about 1% more interest on the fixed deposit

In the interest of the elderly, State Bank of India (SBI) launched the 'We Care Senior Citizen' scheme in May last year, at which time the last date of the scheme was fixed till March 31, 2021, but now SBI has extended the scheme.

The scheme was extended till June 30


Even before the deadline for the We Care Senior Citizen scheme, many had been raised. The scheme was held until September 2020 at the time of launch. But then until 2020 and then until March 2021 now it has been done till June 30, 2021.

Good interest on We care senior citizen

The State Bank of India's scheme has taken great care of the elderly. The bank usually offers an interest of 5.4% on a 5-year fixed deposit. But we care senior citizen scheme is getting 6.20% interest. The bank offers interest to the general public on fixed deposits ranging from 2.9% to 5.4% for 7 days to 10 years. While the elders were paid about 1% plus 6.20% interest.

Benefits of Doorstep Banking

With SBI Doorstep Banking you can get more than 10 services sitting at home. Case deposit and withdrawal, check deposit and all facilities will be available at home. Such as Case Pickup, Case Investment, Check Pickup, Application for Check Book, Home Delivery of Draft, In-house Advice for Term Deposit, In-house Update of KYC, In-Home Advice for Any Loan, Income Tax Currency, In-Home Life Certificate for Pensioners .

If you want to take advantage of SBI's Doorstep Banking, you have to register first. You can call the toll free numbers 1800-1037-188 and 1800-1213-721. Basic information will be taken from you over the phone and then registered for Doorstep Banking. You can also register from the DSB mobile app. You can also visit

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