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Saturday, 20 March 2021

This 1 rupee coin will make you wealthy, you can get as many lakh rupees

Do you even have this coin? This 1 rupee coin will make you wealthy, you can get as many lakh rupees

There will be many of us who have a hobby of collecting old coins. If you are one of these then this news is for you. Let me tell you that a 1 rupee coin can make you wealthy. You can earn millions by selling 1 rupee coins. The special thing is that you don't have to do anything like this. You will need to take a photo of the antique coin and post it on the website. After which people will bid for your coins. And you can sell at as much as you want.

Know which 1 rupee coin will make you a lakhpati?

According to a report, old coins and notes are being auctioned on India mart's website. If you are fond of collecting those old things then this habit of yours can also make you a millionaire. For that you should have a 19th century silver coin of 1 rupee.

The price is 5 lakh rupees

Let me tell you, 1 rupee coins are very special. According to Indiamart's website, it is priced at Rs 5 lakh. In addition you can bargain during the bidding for this coin.

Coin can be sold here

These notes can be sold at a good price at home on India mart's website coins.html. The tremendous value of this note will be found on this platform. You can sell this note by visiting the site of these companies. In return you can get millions of rupees.

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The price of some coins can also be seen on the website

On Indiamart's website, you can sell anti-coins for Rs 10 and 5 paise. You can find out the price of each type of coin on this website.

Flying Hair Silver is valued at Rs 67 crore

The Flying Hair Silver Dollar is America's historic coin that was first minted. The coin with Flying Hair Silver Silver is said to be one of the 1958 silver dollars minted in 1794.

The report claims that the multi-million dollar coin was verified by George Washington himself. According to the magazine, a coin is valued at Rs 67 crore in Indian currency. This coin is also called the most expensive coin in the world. According to the report, in 2013, a collector bought this special coin for one million dollars.

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