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Friday, 5 March 2021

Today's Positive Story:Ahmedabad girl started making cakes at the age of 8, started a company at the age of 11

Today's Positive Story:Ahmedabad girl started making cakes at the age of 8, started a company at the age of 11, made 200 cakes in 11 hours and got India-Asia Book of Record place

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Taking inspiration from her parents, she has been doing business successfully since she was young.

Stayed at home in lockdown, learned to make cakes to fulfill hobbies and started taking orders
In addition to studying online, Jai is now showing off her talent by becoming the youngest baker

Lockdowns during the Corona period had the opposite effect on children and their families. In which a girl from Ahmedabad has fulfilled her hobby and today she has also become the owner of the company. Jai Shah has done an amazing job. 

Gone was the hobby of baking, including cakes, from the age of eight. However, the hobby came to an end in the lockdown and today the 11-year-old daughter has started a cooking-baking business and has made a name for herself all over Gujarat.

 Started cooking-baking as part of the activity along with doing online study at the time of lockdown. Gradually, this hobby has turned into a business and today she has become the youngest baker. Jai Shah has been ranked in the Youngest Baker of India as well as Asia Book of Records for his talent.

Jaya fulfilled her hobby by making good use of the lockdown time.

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Jai Shah, a businesswoman who used to bake on weekends with her father, has been fond of cooking and baking since childhood. Let's start baking as part of a new activity to pass the time sitting at home during lockdown. Jain's hobby is turning into a business today and is becoming popular on social media as well as other platforms. Even older people are taking cooking and baking tips from him. Jaina’s parents run coaching classes.

 Initially, he and his father used to cook and bake every weekend. In order to avoid any impact on her studies, Jai was backing up with her father after studying online in Lockdown. He then started making cupcakes as well as other cake recipes through a home kitchen set-up with the help of his parents to take his baking talent to the next level.

Jai is studying online as well as taking orders.

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He found a place in the India-Asia Book of Records . Still, she kept trying. After that, they started taking orders from outside to practice continuously in lockdown. Initially he started getting orders from the surrounding area and today his business is doing very well. Follow your passion. Your talent has left its mark all over the country today. He has won several awards, including Youngest Baker of India as well as Asia Book of Records.

Even after getting burnt while making the cake, he did not give up baking due to his hobby

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Hand made in 11 hours 200 dajhyo cake though
was told Shah, Divya Bhaskar go, I have very fond childhood to the backing, I have been baking since I was 8 years old. Initially I used to make cakes as well as cupcakes with my dad every weekend. Then in the lockdown, Mom and Dad agreed to let me do this professional business, so on July 7, 2020, I ordered my first cake. Then in one month I made 25 cakes, and in the same month I got an order to make 110 cupcakes in one day.

 Then my business continued to grow. In December I received an order to make 200 cupcakes together, which I prepared in 11 hours. For this I have received an award from India as well as the Asia Book of Records. The hand was also burnt once making 200 cakes, yet the whole order was fulfilled.

Joi attributes her success to parents who are a source of inspiration.

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I order cakes right after school online: Jai
My favorite flavors are vanilla, chocolate, cookie and cream, which I enjoy making. My company name is Little Baker, in which I make dishes including cakes, cupcakes, donuts, brownies. In order not to spoil my studies due to my passion, I take the cake order and deliver it to the customer only after completing the online school, and I also thank all the people, including my mum and dad. Who constantly supported me and made me worthy so that people could appreciate my cake.

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