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Monday, 15 March 2021

Video: A young woman called 'Aunty' became a woman in Ranchandi.

Video: A young woman called 'Aunty' became a woman in Ranchandi.

This year on Wednesday 4th November the women will fast Karvachoth. She is going shopping in the market to make this day more special. Meanwhile, in the city of Eta in UP, something was found that blew Soukoi's hosh. In fact, a young woman in the market called the woman Aunty and there was a huge uproar between the two.

According to the information received, a woman who went to buy Karvachoth was washed by the girl. The girl's mistake was just that she called the woman Aunty. Just hearing this, the woman got angry and started grabbing the girl's hair and started beating her.

Police then rushed to the scene and barely calmed the woman down. Late Monday evening several women stood up to shop at a store. Just then a young woman addressed the woman as Aunty. As soon as the woman heard Aunty, she fell in love with the girl and the matter became so bad that there were fights between the two. 

After that the police came there and took charge of the case. It may be mentioned that on the special occasion of Karvachoth, the worship material of Karvachoth is being sold in the markets. Married women buy these items before the fourth. On this day, people go to the market to buy new clothes, jewelry and makeup.

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