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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Waiting for the 'King' of Fruits:We will have to wait for the taste of saffron mango

Waiting for the 'King' of Fruits:We will have to wait for the taste of saffron mango, production will hit 50% from 3 seasons, prices will be higher

Saffron carry will come after two to three months.

Minister Mango, the king of main mangoes, was inaugurated at Rajkot Mango Market from today.
Currently, Hafus mango has come in the market at a price of Rs 100 to Rs 300 per kg

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People will have to wait another two to three months for the real taste of saffron mango to ripen in Saurashtra's Gir panth. Production has also hit 50 per cent in the last three seasons, so prices are likely to remain high. Saffron mangoes will be sold in boxes of about 300 brands this year.

 Saffron means talala and talala means saffron was the identity. In the following years, the production of saffron mangoes increased to such an extent that at present saffron mangoes are found in many villages of Junagadh district including Jamwada, Samter, Khordi, Una and Kodinar panth, Bhakha, Maliyahati taluka. It is estimated that there are 13 thousand hectares in Talala and about 35 lakh hectares in other areas.

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The moment of saffron mango will take time: Rajkot trader

Kishorebhai Babutar, a mango trader at Rajkot Mango Market, said Ratnagiri mangoes have started earning. Today marks the inauguration of King Kerry, the King of Maine Kerry. 9 thousand of six dozen, eight and a half thousand of 7.5 dozen, 8 thousand of 8 dozen and 7 thousand of 9 dozen. The saffron mango will take another moment. This year the crop is 50 per cent higher than last year. Due to the corona the goods were less, so the loading was more here. The same is true of Hafus Kerry.

Moment of Minister Kerry in Rajkot from today.

Saffron mangoes will take two to three months: Junagadh farmer
Atulbhai Shekhada, a saffron mango grower from Junagadh, told DivyaBhaskar that it would be too early to talk about saffron mangoes. Saffron mango production will start after about two to three months. 

If the weather remains favorable, saffron mango is likely to be harvested this time at its regular time. There will be no significant increase or decrease in prices. This year the price will be the same as every year. Overseas states are likely to carry saffron in May.

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Bharatbhai Bharwad, a mango trader at Rajkot Mango Market, said that the price of Hafus mango is Rs 100 to Rs 300 per kg . Hafus mango is currently in the market. Hafus mangoes cost between Rs 100 and Rs 300 per kg. Saffron mangoes will be delayed in outlying states with Corona. People will get saffron mango 20 to 25 days later than every time.

Kishorebhai Babutar, a trader of Rajkot Mango Market.

Saffron is expensive in soft drinks.
Now, about 250 orchards in Junagadh, Somnath district have been processed. The farmer himself installs the juice extraction machinery and also packs the cans. The practice of storing fruit pulp in cold storage at minus 18 degrees is also on the rise for saffron mangoes. 

Mango flavored soft drinks mostly have added flavors, but last year PepsiCo's vice-president for South-East Asia also came face to face and conducted a survey on saffron. Currently used Totapuri is cheaper for soft drinks. While saffron is expensive, the talk has stopped. If such a company chooses saffron, it could lead to bulk withdrawals.

Hafus mango is currently on sale at the Mango Market.

Original flavored saffron mango is expected to arrive in May
People familiar with saffron mango say that this year the crop has failed a bit due to cold and dew out of the three phases of the crop, but the last phase has been formed, but the crop will last 8-10 days. Only then will it be known. 

It doesn't seem to matter much this year. One view, on the other hand, is that saffron, which normally hits the market around April 10, will arrive in late April this year and production is projected to be 30 per cent higher than last year, while original flavored saffron mangoes are expected to arrive in May.

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